PracticeKeeper is a product designed for soil and water conservation districts, state and federal government, and private entities. The product includes modules for tracking all data related to conservation plans, nutrient management plans, best management practices, watershed management, E&S control and compliance. Features include Microsoft Office reporting, web-based mapping tools and document management capabilities. PracticeKeeper securely hosts and stores all of your data in the cloud. PracticeKeeper leverages role based security for the following user types and highlights the importance of key roles to the PracticeKeeper product.


  • Innovative - Time to create, edit or report on common plans types is greatly reduced
  • Consolidated - Reduces duplicate entry of paperwork and personal information

Soil & Conservation Districts

  • Innovative - The system incorporates spatial data for valuable analysis
  • Consistent - Through the enforcement of business rules in the application, plans are created, edited and tracked in a reliable manner
  • Efficient - The workflow-driven application reduces duplicative efforts and retains key information for reuse throughout the application
  • Compliant - Enforcement of business rules assure that plan guidelines are in place
  • Manageable - The application integrates analytical and managerial functions, making administration of various plans less labor intensive and cumbersome

State Government

  • Compulsory - Conservation districts must supply required information to the state
  • Aware - Program managers can gauge the status within each SWCD, as well as aggregate them across all districts at any time
  • Innovative - The system incorporates spatial data for valuable analysis
  • Streamlined - Common, recurring reports and queries are saved and available for reuse
  • Validated - The system assures that all required information is supplied
  • Versatile - Flexibility within the application framework facilitates modification of business rules, generation of customized reports, and addition of new plans
  • Responsive - Agencies are able to respond quickly and efficiently to Freedom of Information Act requests, as well as information requests from the Virginia General Assembly, Governor’s Office and secretariats

Federal Government

  • Well Managed - Can help to make the state one of the best managed federally funded BMP and TMDL programs in the nation
  • Integrated - The application data is vital for the Environmental Protection Agency, which states are required to use for submission of federally mandated program data and reports

Broader Implications

While PracticeKeeper was developed to meet the specific requirements and specifications for conservation districts, the platform is well suited and highly adaptable to share plan data within other jurisdictions. Further, the framework can accommodate additional conservation programs, and practices, as well as customized business rules and reporting requirements.


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